Corn Maze

"FALL INTO FINGERLAKES FOOD” is the theme for this year’s 8-acre corn maze. The 2015 edition of the Pick'n Patch Maze spans more than 2 miles of twists, turns and dead-ends. With so many acres of corn planted in a mind-boggling design that features a football scene, the Wickham family is bringing the "MAiZE craze" back to the country. The Pick'n Patch has based its success on providing families and people of all ages a chance to make memories and savor time together--- while experiencing the unique good farmin' fun in this A-Maizn' labyrinth. As Drew Wickham says…. “The winners get to go home.”


FALL INTO FINGERLAKES FOOD - Though the correct pathways can be walked in under 30 minutes, most directionally-challenged visitors - adults and children alike -- will require more than an hour to travel through more than two miles of twists and turns and 85 decision points.

MAIZE-O-POLY IS BACK! - Grab a game board on your way in and keep your eyes peeled for signs corresponding to squares on your board along the way. The more squares you find, the more money you earn! Earn enough to become "Farmer of the EAR!"

Corn Maze Corn Maze Corn Maze

Interactive "passports" are available to help visitors work their way through the maze. Each contains ten questions that quiz the user on a chosen subject, and those who answer the questions correctly will receive clues that guide them along the correct path to the exit. On weekends, there are "corn cops" positioned throughout the maze to help folks find their way through.

In an effort to make the experience as easy or as hard as visitors want it to be, the maze has been divided into two phases. Participants will have the option to continue on to the next phase or exit the maze at the entrance to each level. The maze experience is designed for all tastes-it can be a relaxing stroll through the corn, a family fun trip through the maze, or a competitive game for groups (see challenge below.)